Garage Sale Haul

I went to two sales this weekend and made a haul! I found a woman who reads books that I like so we got to talk for a while. She said that she has found that people don’t read much anymore so, she has to buy all her books now whereas she used to trade books with people. Many of her books were nice and a few were worn (loved) but that’s fine because they were all .50 cents. Yes, fifty cents a piece. I didn’t take everything she had, I did have SOME self control as she had some books that I had read already and some books I already had but I found some I wanted to read and some she talked to me about so I bought them. I got quite a variety.

The next sale had kids books for a quarter. I already have quite a few kids books from my own kids and some I bought for my granddaughter but hey, you never have enough. I bought a few that I hadn’t seen before and some classics. I also bought some for the reading program this summer.

I’m getting ready for our summer reading program. This will be my 4th year helping with the summer reading program at the library. My friend and partner are the only original volunteers left. In the summer, for one day each week, we head to one of the local YMCA daycare centers and we meet up with a summer paid library staff person and run a summer reading program there. We bring books, crafts and computer tablets and we spend about 1.5 hours running centers there. One of us runs the book station, one does the crafts and we let the Y staff run the tablets. The kids read books for 20 minutes by themselves or with friends at the station (books are brought from the library and stay with the kids for the whole week). The crafts are brought from the library and the kids work on them and I also provide another craft which I bring from home because there are normally kids who finish quickly :). Along with the city-wide summer reading program, we have the staff keep track of the minutes the kids read each day and mark it down in a notebook. After X number of minutes, the kids get a free book from the library, etc. For kids at these sites, this might be the only time they get to the library all summer so this is an excellent outreach program.

We decided this year that we (the volunteers) would offer the kids a free book if they read over their required reading each week. I’ve been hitting the resell shops and garage sales looking for nice books to hand out to the kids, I have quite a few excellent choices. We are hoping this will spike our reading minutes as last year, they dwindled a bit. I know some kids like free books. I was wondering if we should offer something else besides books, like a small bag of chips instead. Any thoughts? I don’t want to hand out candy and I don’t want to get too something too expensive. I’ve bought some novels, graphic novels, how-to books, National Geo books, and easy books. We just want them to read.

3 thoughts on “Garage Sale Haul

  1. Awesome haul!! I’m very lucky to have two excellent Charity bookshops (books get channelled there from other regular branches with no shelf space/book section) which often have PRISTINE copies some even signed! and are very affordable.
    It’s great to give books new life!


    1. Wow,, you are lucky! Signed copies even! Is is like giving books a new life. It’s like I am setting them free again instead of living on a shelf- “go forth and change someone’s life!” 🙂

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      1. You wouldn’t believe how many signed copies I’ve seen/got. Including one with a special illustration in the signing by the illustrator! (I would’ve held onto it for memory/grandchildren personally but hey one person’s trash becomes our treasure!!)


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