Camp Tiger by Susan Choi

5 stars Children’s

I don’t want to understand it, I loved it! To fully understand it, would take away some of the glamour of this children’s book.  No overthinking on my end, this little boy had a fabulous end to his summer and he’s ready for first grade.

He’ll be making a big transition this fall from kindergarten to first-grade and he, like many other children, would rather be back in kindergarten. He’s not looking forward to losing some of his social/playing time and gaining more time working on educational matters.  His parents have already started this approach at home and he’s doing some things that his parents would have done for him previously.

It’s their yearly family campout and as they get their tent and site ready, a tiger arrives out of the bushes.  It is a talking tiger which wants to sleep beside them.  Now, I’m thinking this has to be a fantasy story as there’s no such thing as a talking tiger but as I read and the tiger joins the family on their vacation, there’s something about this tiger that’s off.  He’s not your typical tiger.  The young boy and the tiger have some close moments, there are also some great moments with the tiger and the family.

The illustrations are wonderful too. Just by looking at the book cover, you see a glimpse of what to expect inside this children’s book.  I love the pictures of the tiger, the reflections on the water, the shadows, the faces of the characters, and the pictures of the boy with the tiger were my favorite.

As the camping trip comes to an end and they make their way home, the boy starts to think about school.  He thinks back to his family’s camping trip and it’s a trip he’ll never forget.