Nightbooks by J.A. White

5 stars Middle School/ Upper Elementary

I loved listening to this audio.  It was like listening to stories within a story.  I thought some of the stories that   Alex told were just a good or better than the main story.  There were times that I found myself crackling and laughing this sinister laugh as I listened to this audio, for the witch would make her appearance and she would shake things and of course, that would affect me too.  There were a few twists in this novel too which I didn’t see coming.  Such an enjoyable novel to listen to, one that the whole family could get involved in.

She lures them in, she knows exactly what entices them and then, when the door closes, they are hers.  There’s no way out, at least not in the traditional sense and so they’re stuck. 

Alex is lured into the apartment on his way down to the basement, for he was on a mission that he hoped would change his life.  But now?  His life is changed and he’s glad that he didn’t make it down to the incinerator because he needs his journals, those pages have his stories on them and he needs them now, more than ever.

Witch Natacha says she needs to hear Alex’s stories, his scary stories each night and so, she makes him write a new one every day.  Natacha says she enjoys them but in reality, it’s really not her that needs these stories but Alex better keep the stories coming if he’s going to make it out of her apartment alive. 

Alex meets Yasmin inside the witch’s apartment for she’s been trapped there for a while. Alex is determined to escape but Yasmin tells Alex to stop talking like that. The cat will tell the witch what he hears and you never know what the witch will then do to them.  Alex is determined to escape yet he has to spend his days writing stories in the apartment, the apartment that is charmed by magic. 

This was an excellent story, I really enjoyed the audio and hated to take it back to the library.