And Then There Were Gnomes by Colleen A.F. Venable

4 stars Graphic Novel

I thought this little graphic novel was funny.  This is the second book in the series, I haven’t read the first book yet. The satire comments and the story were laced with comical moments that had me laughing out loud as Harnisher, the hamster, tried to get Sassypants, the guinea pig, to put on his detective hat and get back to work.

Harnisher was just plain funny as he tries to light a fire under his friend Sassypants so he’ll start being a detective again. Living inside Mr. Venezi’s pet shop, Harnisher comes up with some very creative mysteries that Sassypants must solve. He seemed like a great friend and a positive person to be around yet Sassypants was not liking it.  Sassypants claims though that he’s not a detective but Harnisher is not listening. 

When Mr. Venezi’s arrives to open the shop wearing shorts, Harnisher starts in. Determining there’s something peculiar going on, Harnisher tries to enlist the help of Sassypants.  Someone needs to help Mr. V recover the rest of his pants!  I thought this was really funny as Harnisher’s excitement filled the air. 

The pet shop owner has mislabeled all the animals and now the mice are disappearing.  A group of children come to the shop to purchase pets for themselves and notice the problem which leads to some interesting conversations.   Can someone find the missing mice before they all disappear?   

The illustrations in this graphic novel are super cute and there aren’t a lot of characters in it.  I feel that there’s a lot of text to read in this graphic novel yet the text itself is not hard.  It’s a fun, creative graphic novel that I enjoyed.  I put a hold on the next couple books in this series.

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