The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion

2.5 stars Fiction

This wasn’t as good as The Rosie Project but it was an okay read.  I ended up listening to the audio of this book and it was a good audio to listen to.  The book picks up right where The Rosie Project left off but you don’t really need to read that book to appreciate it.   

I did laugh while reading this book but I found Don so annoying that I wanted to lock him in a closet. I knew that Don was just trying to help but I thought that he was relentless in his tactics. Immersing himself in Rosie’s pregnancy, his concern consumed everything and every part of her life. I would expect some of this behavior from Don, but he was over-the-top.  I don’t know if I could have been as calm as Rosie during the whole ordeal, but Rosie knew who Don was when she married him so she knew somewhat, what would occur if/when she got pregnant.  I thought she handled the situations very well.  

It was nice to see Don concerned about his wife and child (but the extremes were just too much) and I liked how Don referred to the baby as Bud.  I wished that Rosie would have made more of an appearance in this book instead of letting Don steal the show.  Even more interaction between the two of them would have been good.   

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