The Mystery of Eatum Hall by John Kelly & Cathy Tincknell

5 stars Picture Book

This book is a hoot!  I loved it!  The illustrations alone are worth the read but when you add in the text, you will absolutely fall in love with it. It’s a book where there are clues everywhere, but who is looking?

Glenda and Horace, are invited to spend the weekend at Eatum Hall and they’re all excited.  All the gourmet food that they can eat and they can eat a lot! Yet, when they arrive, they cannot find their host.  They find a note instead (with fun clues in it) that tells them to enjoy themselves and their host will join them later. 

There were plenty of times while reading this book that I was chuckling but now, I was laughing.  Here in this isolated older house, were a plump goose and a pig and they’re looking forward to staying here by themselves. As they look around, they don’t even see all the clues that are everywhere around them.  I would have been running out the door, had it been me.  The illustrations are fantastic and you can get lost just admiring them.  Their host provided the best for them and they begin to settle in.  They were going to take advantage of this relaxing weekend. 

Noticing the clues around them, Glenda comments on the doctor’s love of art while Horace remarks on how smart the doctor is, as the doctor has put a lot of detail in making sure that his guests are comfortable in his absence. Meanwhile, the author reveals to his reader, the true identity of Dr. A. Hunter, and what his true plans are.   

This is definitely an exciting and fun book.  I’ve read and thumbed through it a few times, just admiring how it all comes together and it truly is a book worth reading. I highly recommend it.

I do feel that some children might be too young for it though. Why?  There’s a lot of inferring that occurs in this book to truly enjoy it and they might not get or understand it and/or the child might not care for the book’s ending.  Just know your child before reading this book to them.