Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen McManus

2.5 stars YA

My thoughts:

I picked this audio book up because I enjoyed the author’s first book, One of Us is Lying. This book was totally different.  I enjoyed this book in the beginning but then, I thought the book dragged on. 

The book is about a set of twins that have to live with their grandmother in Echo Ridge, as their mother is sent away for a while. The small town of Echo Ridge might be little, but within its borders, it contains big time drama.  With a tragic past that include girls that have either come up missing or dead, this year is no exception.  With a history to these crimes, the girls can’t take this year’s case lightly.    

I enjoy a novel where an author slowly reveals the mystery to its reader but I thought there was too much other stuff in this novel that didn’t matter.  Let’s cut to the chase and give me, what’s important. I also felt so lost with all the individuals in this novel.  I was so confused with all the people that I had to keep track of.  In short, this book just wasn’t right for me.  There are tons of great reviews for it so, perhaps it’s right for you but I will pick-up One of Us is Next and read it.  2.5 stars