The Love Letter by Anika Denise

5 stars Picture Book

What a sweet book! I loved how just this one love letter changed the lives of so many animals.

When Hedgehog finds a letter on the ground, he picks it up.  After reading it, he discovers it’s not just any letter, it’s a love letter and he believes that it’s been left for him.  Immediately, his mood changes and he’s having a great day.  After being a loving and helpful friend, the letter is accidentally dropped and picked up by one of his friends.

When Bunny finds the love letter, she believes that Hedgehog left it for her and she too changes just like Hedgehog did. Isn’t that the way it goes, though?  When you feel loved and appreciated, you feel great and helpful and feel like you’re walking on the clouds?

Bunny ends up accidentally dropping the letter also and the letter makes it rounds amongst the friends until all of them get it.  What a great day it was!   The next morning, as the friends gather again, they get a surprise when they discover who wrote the letter and who they wrote it to.

I loved how the illustrations matched the tone of the book.  They were soft and not loud; they complimented the text.  It’s a sweet book about friendship and family: about what really matters and how you should be about treating others.  Really a good book to have.