Sweet Child o’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses

5 stars Children’s

I absolutely adored the cover of this book when I first laid eyes upon it.  This song has tons of memories attached to it and I couldn’t wait to read it.  Picking it up from the library, I sat inside my car, reading and singing the words to myself, as I looked through the pages before driving home.  What a great tribute to a fantastic song as this child reminds us that music is everywhere around us.

The energy that this book projects is powerful as the young girl hangs out with her father.  The sights and sounds of the world around her, spin out on the page from the windchimes, to the bees and butterflies on the flowers.  She’s enjoying the open countryside with her father until a storm whips up nearby.  They find refuge at a market that is having a music festival where they can forget their troubles for a while.  The storm passes as the song continues, the pages are turning and “Where do we go?  Where do we go now?”  becomes the question as they head outside to finish out their day.  With fantastic illustrations and the text, that will leave you singing their song in your head, this book is one that you’ll need to check out.  Thank you Guns n’ Roses, for taking me there, I really enjoyed it.  5 stars