Projekt 1065: A Novel of World War II by Alan Gratz

5 stars Middle School Book

Every book I read from Alan, I think he can’t write any better and then, he does it again.  In Project 1065, I time-traveled back to Berlin, where I met Michael and his parents who were spies.  Michael’s father is an Irish Ambassador so there is plenty of opportunity for the family to interact with high-raking officials.  Michael is 13, he attends an all-boy school and he does his part in the resistance.  Michael is also part of Hitler’s Youth Army where he can obtain information for the Allies.  One of the hardest parts of being a spy for Michael is, when he has to fake being a Nazi. 

When a British spy plane is shot down, Hitler’s Youth Army is called in to help search for him.  Michael wants to save the man yet his team is needed to turn him in.  The original search comes up empty but he’s found later and they’re able to safety hide him for the time being.  He’ll need to get out of the country soon and that’s when Michael’s family comes into play.

Michael meets a new boy at school, Fritz whose father is on the design team for a new aircraft w/o propellers.  This aircraft will help win the war.  At Fritz’s house, Michael steals the blueprint but later realizes, he only has a small section of the blueprints.  He’ll need to find the rest of the pages and get the information to the proper authorities BUT Fritz is quickly moving up the ranks in Hitler’s Youth and he’s leaving Michael behind.  This friendship is falling by the wayside yet Michael needs those blueprints soon but how can he get them? 

I’m sitting on the edge on my chair, the stories are running simultaneously, each one just as important as the others.  It’s war, there’s some violence but that’s expected, as that’s what these individuals experienced.  I enjoyed how all these stories were all tied in to one another, they’re full of energy and how enticing they were.  Alan’s book are phenomenal, I need to breathe now!