Bunny Book Club by Annie Silvestro

5 stars Children’s

This is a super cute book about reading, sharing and loving books.   The book is about a bunny who loves books.  He secretly listened to individuals reading to their children in the park and he listened along with the children outside the library as the librarian read, rabbit hid in the bushes.  Problems arose when the summer program ended and all the activities moved back inside the library, leaving rabbit outside without his stories.  He could watch them through the window but bunny couldn’t hear about the adventures that were inside those pages. 

Bunny couldn’t handle life without books so he decided to sneak into the library.  Wow, so many books awaited him!  After creating a huge pile, Bunny found his way out of the library with his books and he hurried home to start reading.  Bunny was so happy!  

What a happy, positive story about reading and the love of sharing this with others. I thought it was funny how bunny’s house was getting full of books and I loved how bunny gathered a variety of books.  As his friends joined in on his adventure, I liked the titles that they were looking into and I loved that they all got together to share this common activity.  The illustrations were adorable!  This book is a treasure.  I see that there is a sequel to this book, I’m going to have to grab that.  5 stars!!