Red Scare: A Graphic Novel by Liam Francis Walsh

5 stars Graphic Novel

This was an interesting graphic novel and I really enjoyed the ending.  The story revolves around Peggy who has polio and uses metal crutches to walk.  Peggy feels like a victim (why me?) and although her doctor says she’ll get better with exercise, Peggy doesn’t do them.  Peggy has a brother Skip who I feel, puts up with Peggy.  Peggy meets Cynthia one day at the doctors.  Cynthia has this powerful energy and this positive attitude which surprises Peggy.  It also motivates Peggy because Cynitha also has polio but her future is not so positive. 

Peggy helps her mom clean rooms at the local hotel.  Instead of cleaning though, Peggy pulls out a book and lies down on the floor in one of the hotel’s rooms she’s supposed to be helping her mother with and she starts reading.  Suddenly, the door opens and a guest is ushered in and Peggy hides under the bed. She escapes later when the gentleman washes up in the bathroom.  This sounds simple enough except this book takes place in 1953, when there’s talk of Communist Spies and secret missions.  And Peggy, she didn’t sneak out of the room with everything that she came in the room with.  Big problem!  When Peggy finds herself in possession of an amazing device, a device that changes everything in her life, I enjoyed how Peggy herself changed.  She became alive with energy and her whole attitude was transformed.  She has some individuals who have taken an interest in her but Peggy is more excited about how her life has changed to concern herself with them.   The illustrations in this graphic novel were fantastic and I could feel the energy on the pages as the drama unfolded.  There’s quite a bit of action taking place in this book but it’s not difficult to follow and I really enjoyed this book.  5 stars   Red Scare