Bob Ross: My First Book of Nature By Robb Pearlman

5 stars Children’s Board Book

I had to check out this board book when I saw that Bob Russ illustrated it.  If you’re wondering if the illustrations are beautiful, the answer is yes!  The illustrations are just like his pictures with different layers of colors, where you feel like you are standing directly in front of the scene that he created.  The reflection in the rippling water,  the haziness of the clouds, and the gradual rise of the sun all help create the mood of picture.  Such precision and detail, they truly are amazing.

The text in this is board is great too.  I love the big, bold print and the tone that the author uses as he asks his readers to enjoy the great outdoors.  Robb wants his readers to appreciate nature and he does that by having them see and experience life outside in the different seasons.  Using a variety of methods: looking at the clouds, listening to the water, talking to trees, looking at animals, and even resting, the author tries to get the reader to fully see nature.

It’s a cute and quiet book for little ones. I like the different seasons and it gives little ones things to think about when they go outside. I think the illustrations could be used for additional “talk time” with your little ones.  Depending on the age, for each illustrations your conversations could involve: what sounds do they think they would hear there, what animals might live there, would it be a good place to visit, and what would they do there?  5 stars.

“Each one of us sees nature differently.  And that’s the way you should paint it – just the way you see it.”