I’d Rather Be Reading by Anne Bogel

4 stars Nonfiction

This was a quick read and I found that I could relate to many of the topics that the author covered.   I’m an individual who loves to read and I can get wrapped up inside a good novel, like I can a good blanket so when Anne discussed how getting hooked inside a good book and how a book seems to just fall into your lap when you need it, I knew exactly what she was talking about.  Anne doesn’t try to navigate her way into your bookshelf nor into your reading world, Anne explains her own world and if you look closely enough, you just find might find some similarities with her world.

Anne has her own pile of TBR books but somehow that “perfect” book lands in her lap just when she needs it.  When I read this part of the book, I took a few minutes to think how many times that has happened in my own life.  How many times I needed an escape and the perfect book was there? How many times I needed a good laugh and the book I was reading provided that?  This past month, I read We Spread by Iain Reid.  I won this book on Goodreads but I can’t tell you what made me immediately pick it up and start reading it.  I have so many other books that I needed my attention first but let me tell you, I needed that book!  In We Spread, the main character started to have some issues which were also starting to occur with someone in my own family.  I couldn’t believe how similar this felt.  To have won this book, received it, and immediately feel the need to read it – this book fell right into my lap.


This was a comfortable book, one that reminds me why I like reading so much.  4 stars.