A Starlight Trip To the Library by Andrew Katz

5 stars Children’s Picture Book

Such a sweet story.  A young girl, a forest of friends, and a trip to the library, what more do you need?  The illustrations are colorful and bright and they just pop, right off the page.  This would make an excellent bedtime story. 

As Julia settles into the forest with her friends, they’re getting cozy for the night awaiting the “night’s most eagerly awaited event.”   They love how Julia reads to them; she does such an excellent job.  Freida, the skunk enjoys how she shows them the pictures, Abigail, the   loves how softly she reads the ending and her friend Scotty Squirrel thinks she does an excellent job with all the different voices inside the books the chooses for them.  Her friends eagerly wait for Julia to take tonight’s book out of her bag.  But wait……there is no book inside the bag.  Disappointment settles in as they realize that Julia left the book at home. 

Bertrand, just so happens, to be floating down the river and is headed to the library. Julia and her friends accept Bertrand offer and join him on his journey, hoping to find a bedtime story for tonight.  It’s quite an adventure for these friends as they make their way on the water until they finally arrive at the “library rising majestically in the moonlight.”   What a beautiful sight.   Box upon box, Julia and her friends search, looking for the perfect bedtime story.  Bertrand is busy searching through the stacks also looking for his own stack of page-turners.  Will they find what they are looking for before the night is over?

I adore the relationship that Julia has with her forest friends.  They are so caring and considerate to one each other. They had such a great adventure.  What a fun book  5 stars.   


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