It's a Mystery

Black Dog (Assiniboine)
Expedition of 1913
Mary Agnes Crispin
Northern Arapahoe
Expedition of 1913

I went to an Estate Sale a couple weekends ago looking for a few cheap baking dishes as once a month, a group of us women, bake a meal for a women’s shelter and I like to find dishes that I can just leave for them to keep. While I was there, I came across some pictures.  They really caught my eye and the woman, running the sale wanted someone to buy them besides the worthless (she used stronger words) antique dealers who were coming back on half price day to finish buying all her good stuff. Boy, she hated those antique dealers!! I didn’t want to tell her that I have had a few of them in my family over the years. 

Anyways, she said the pictures were originals. The homeowner and her had bought them at a Pow Wow, many years ago in a town not far from here.  She had them priced really cheap, which I thought was strange, but she wanted to sell them before the dealers came back.  I didn’t really care if they were originals, I just like them. I really didn’t have room on my walls for them but then, she said she’d sell them to me for half off, if I’d take them.  I left after buying some dishes but then later returned and bought them.  I rearranged some pictures and now, they look really good in my basement. 

I remember playing with Johnny, Jane, & Josie West when I was younger.  There was a Chief Cherokee Indian in the set along with some horses, other figures and accessories.  I loved that set!  I wasn’t one to play with Barbies but I loved this set and I have always wondered what happened to this set. Hum?   Does anyone else remember this? 

She told me there was a book by Joseph Dixon but one of the dealers bought it. That is the guy who took pictures of Native Americans in the early 1900’s and who also took these pictures.  Now that I have these pictures, I’m interested in Dixon and these two individuals. There is some information on the back of the pictures which I’m trying to research which hasn’t turned up any good leads. 

Joseph Dixon did write The Vanishing Race  in 1913 which has a few additions. I’m looking at reading a version of it on Google Books which has it for free. The pictures inside the book are fantastic!  I’m sure I’ll learn a great deal about the Native Americans in 1913. 

Now, let me introduce to you:  Black Dog (Assiniboine) 1913  and Mary Agnes Crispin (Northern Arapahoe) 1913.  Aren’t they amazing?   

The Birthday Girl by Melissa De La Cruz (mail call)

Mail call! I love the cover of this exciting novel that I received in the mail from Penguin Random House. 
We all love a birthday party but during Elle’s 40th it gets quite interesting when secrets from Elle’s past are revealed. Not quite the party she was hoping for, I bet. Ah, I wonder what she was hiding…

Book mail

I love it when my mail includes a package! Thank you St. Martin Press and Katherine for this gorgeous novel. As I read the title, I realized my “things” have changed over the years. I can’t wait to see what Katherine has written.  # thingsyousavebook

Mysteries in the Mail

I received some great new mysteries in the mail this week. Charlie Donlea is a new author for me and I love mysteries. Thank you Kensington Publishing Corp.for bringing Charlie to my house. (I think, my Charlie wanted in on the action) #SomeChooseDarkness

Library Pickup

Picked this up from the library today and I am so excited to read it! I was showing everyone before I left what a great book it was . I was so excited, I drove halfway home before I realized I didn’t do any of my errands so, I had to turn around and head back out. This is why I don’t read many series, the anticipation kills me 🙂 Has anyone else read the first book in this series, Endling The Last?