The Dog That Ate the World by Sandra Dieckmann

5 stars Children’s

There’s no place like home. I loved the illustrations in this children’s book and the book, itself felt like a folk tale as the dog appears in a happy, little valley and starts to consume everything around him. The valley was content and merry without the dog but when the dog shows up, he is a greedy guy and takes whatever he wants, which is everything. Therefore, he eats and eats and gets bigger and bigger! Now, the villagers could get angry about the situation but they don’t. That’s the big surprise about this story, the villagers stick together, work together and try to make the best of the situation. I thought this was a cute story, with a good lesson behind it. The illustrations were fantastic and I liked the thicker pages.

Good Dad Diego by Brenna Maloney

5 stars Children’s picture book

Yes, dad’s wear many hats.  Diego, the pug, is here to show you some of the many hats that he wears, as Diego wants to be a good daddy to his puppies. You will love this children’s book as Diego, gives you some fatherly advice that will have you smiling and laughing at his animal antics.

Yes, Diego thinks he is the king of his castle but he also has to police his puppies, cook for his puppies, be a nurse for his puppies, and a wear a whole bunch of other hats for his puppies.  With each hat that Diego places on his head or talks about in this book, Diego talks about what he does and there is also a quoted remark from Diego, that is usually pretty funny.

There is a lot to love about this book. I loved the simple text, the photographs of Diego and the arrangements that he was in and I loved the quotes that accompanied each photograph.  What a fun book.  Would make an excellent Father’s Day gift or a gift to a new Father.

What do you mean you don’t like it?

It’s meat. It’s casserole.”

“No pooping on the floor!”

Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat by Johnny Marciano

5 stars Children’s/ Middle School

With a flash of light, he was gone, teleported to the horrible, ravaged planet Earth! I had a wonderful, hilarious time reading this children’s book.  It wasn’t just my love of cats that made this book entertaining, it was Klawde and his witty descriptions that stole the show. As Klawde described living amongst us carnivorous ogres, he couldn’t believe that Raj didn’t realize Klawde was the greatest feline warlord to walk the universe. 

Raj had problems of his own. They had just moved to Oregon and Raj didn’t know a soul.  When the wet cat showed up on his doorstep, his parents told Raj that he could keep him, if he went to Nature Camp.  Little did Raj know that Klawde was a talking warlord that had big plans which would involve him and that this “Nature Camp” was actually a survival camp.

It was Klawde, the warlord and his supreme view that cracked me up throughout the novel.  When gifted with a scratching post, Klawde wondered if it was a sculpture.  What was up with the fake, fluffy animals that they tried to get Klawde to attack and kill, was this their idea of military training or just cat toys? What about the human who tried to spear Klawde in the neck? Klawde wants to return home to his planet and seek revenge on those who teleported him to Earth but first, he must find a way to get there.

Raj has always wanted a cat yet I don’t think he was ready for Klawde.  Raj becomes part of Klawde’s mission and tries to help him accomplish his task which of course, is funny. He thought he had a cool cat once he learns Klawde can talk but will he talk for anyone else?  Raj has some issues at camp and talks to Klawde about them but unfortunately, Klawde behaves like a cat most of the time, when Raj wants any kind of a response.

I really enjoyed this book. I liked Klawde’s imagination, his wit, and I liked his determination.  I liked the friendship the two of them had. I liked how the author alternated the views from Klawde to Raj, on each chapter, as I believe that it allowed the reader to see both sides of the story and made the book wittier and amusing. I liked this book so much I picked up book 2 from the library last night.  It was a fun and entertaining. 

Carl and the Meaning of Life by Deborah Freedman

5 stars Childrens picture book

Poor Carl! Carl was living a happy, content life until one day a field mouse came upon him and asked Carl a question which he didn’t know the answer to. Carl never knew why he did, what he did but now, the question was out there and he needed an answer.

Carl talks to many animals as he makes his journey.  Crawling over many miles, Carl’s tone begins to change as his journey is beginning to take forever. Everyone that Carl is talking to seems to know their purpose except for Carl.  Finally, when Carl hears the cry of a beetle, he gets the answer to his question.

I love how the author put this novel together.  It’s not a fact-telling story, it’s a story about helping others and being part of a larger picture.  It’s about a community, about being needed and how each individual is important.  I liked the simplicity of the illustrations. They were beautiful to look at and I enjoyed watching Carl as he traveled over the fields.