About Me

Hi! As my blog states I’m passionate about reading, my friends and family and about being real. I love reading and enjoy most genres. I remember as a young child, lying in my bed with the covers over my head, a book propped up in front of my pillow and trying to keep the flashlight steady under my chin as I read the words on the page. I’ve taken some breaks over the years but I will always remember how books created a break from the real world, a place where I could escape for a while.

I live in the Midwest and I have lived here all my life. I have three adult children, one granddaughter, one grandson, and one grandson on the way (exciting!). I live with my hubby and our cat, Charlie. I have decided to quit being a substitute teacher and stay home to be with my new grandson, we’ll let his parents work. We will also pick up my granddaughter from school, one day a week. I am also an active volunteer at the library. I used to be an accountant but teaching was on my bucket list, so back to school I went. I prefer a quiet night, hanging out with some friends, than going out and fighting the crowds. Talking, playing cards or games, or just socializing all work for me.

In my blog you’ll see posts that are book related, activities related to volunteering events, and some personal events. Now you’re thinking the Midwest can’t be too exciting, well…..it’s not really but I try to make it be because it’s my life!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my posts. Please leave me a comment or two and/or like/share a post. I appreciate you! Have an awesome day.

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