About Me

Hi! I love a good story and I love a good book. From children’s books, to graphic novels, to thrillers, to historical fiction, I enjoy reading most genres. If you look at my Read pile and my TBR pile, it’s a testament to that fact. As a volunteer at the library, I always have a great stack of library books to read as I can’t pass them up while I’m there. I also have an account at NetGalley which has some fantastic ARC’s to choose from.

I was born and raised in the Midwest (U.S.A.) and I haven’t moved from this state since the day I was born. This is home: where the smell of Cheerios and Crunchberries floats through the air some mornings, where you can sit outside with your neighbors and talk in the driveway, and where you can curl up with a good book outside or inside your house, and you can find yourself in another city or country that isn’t home.

I have three adult children, one elementary-age granddaughter, and two young grandsons. have passed on my love I live with my husband and our cat, Charlie. I’m currently staying home to care for one of my grandsons after years of being a substitute teacher. I enjoyed being in the classroom with the kids, hearing their stories and helping them acheive their full potential. Being a teacher was on my bucket list, so I quit my accounting job and headed back to college. I’m also an active volunteer at our local library.

Thanks for stopping by and have an amazing day!

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