The Missing Season by Gillian French – winner!

I got a package in the mail today and the return address was from Gillian French.  I did a double take as the personal label was a sticky one, a personal label, and it said Gillian French with a normal address on it, not a publishing company.  I just let the package sit on the counter for a while as I let it sink it.  I know, I’m kinda weird but I was really excited to get this personal package from her.

When I finally opened it , I found out that I was a winner in a YABC Giveaway!  Gillian personally sent me an autographed hard-copy book, a personalize note, some lip balm, a bookmark, a postcard and a business card for her upcoming book, Grit (which is already on my TBR list) . Thank you Gillian French and YABC!

I’m excited to have this book in my possession as I can read this reread this mysterious novel again  It centers around a town legend and the Mumbler, who they believe abducts children and takes them into the nearby forest.  As a new resident, Clara must come to her own conclusions as Halloween approaches.