The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz

4 stars Fiction

I actually am in awe with this book.  I liked how the author made me think about different stories and how they’re all kinda the same, yet somewhat different.  I believe it was in the middle of the book, that Jacob talks about how some plots are all the same but it depends on how the author tries to make them unique.  I realize this but what would happen if authors can’t piggyback on one another’s plots?  Would we lose great authors or pieces of great fiction? 

As I listened to this novel on audio, Jacob claimed he wasn’t stealing Evan’s story because he hadn’t read the whole book, but had he?  I contemplated this thought as I read further into the novel.  There were lots of little facts that kept popping up that I enjoyed but were scaring Jacob.  I loved how Jacob stated he was enjoying the stardom of being a successful writer yet he actually wasn’t, as it seemed that he was constantly looking over his shoulder.  His investigation into Evan Parker sure was extensive and I was impressed at how far Jacob’s pursuit went.  He could become an investigator if being a writer doesn’t work out for him. 

I thought there was a big lull in the middle of the book.  Jacob’s investigation was getting boring for me.  His love life was getting interesting, almost too cozy but he doesn’t seem to give her too much attention, as all his thoughts are focused on Jacob.  I’m glad that I stuck it out to the end of the book as it was really good.  The audio was good on this book and I highly recommend it.   4 stars (middle is so-so)