Girl, Stop Apologizing: by Rachel Hollis

5 stars Nonfiction

Girls & ladies, listen and listen carefully to what I have to say.  If you feel you need someone in your corner, you need this book.  If you have goals and lack the motivation to go after them, you need this book.  If you just need to hear someone fired up, to get you moving, you need this book.  I was not prepared for what I listened to when I put this novel in my car’s CD player. 

I have just recently purchased a couple of Rachel Hollis’ cookbooks which I absolutely love. They are composed of dishes that I would actually make. Its real food created from actual grocery stores, not food made with fancy bouquet food where I’d buy a jar of something that I’d never use again but actual food. With these down-to-earth recipes, I figured Rachel would be an easy-going girl yet what I heard in this novel was a woman who was driven, strong, and very motivated. Bring it on Rachel, we need to hear more of this!  

The more I listened to this novel, the more I understood where she got this ambition. Rachel just doesn’t try to motivate us women, she gives us some background on her own story so I know where she is coming from.  Listening to her read her own novel, I could feel how she owned each word that she had put down in print.  The energy and desire that she has to help others feel the same way she feels can definitely be felt while listening to her. It’s as if she’s trying to tell people: “Come on! Wake up and get with the program!”

Do you need Rachel in your life?  I highly recommend the audio of this book, the enthusiasm and the passion as she reads her own words is definitely worth it.